Team Benchimol

We have the honor to state that the strongest point of Benchimol Eye Clinic are the people who work there. The tele-care center, the reception, the nursing staff, computer technicians, the administrative center and our medical staff, everyone goes through a selection process based on their technical and personal. Our training program and constant supervision is to maintain our service quality.

Our Medical Team

  • Dr. Raphael Benchimol: founder and director
  • Dr. Sergio Benchimol: CEO and chief surgeon
  • Dra. Sarah Verônica Benchimol: managing director and vice president
  • Dra. Nina Benchimol: chief of contact lens and refractive surgery
  • Dr. Eliezer Benchimol: chief industry retina and macular diseases
  • Dra. Mirelle Benchimol: ophthalmologist with postgraduate studies at the University of Canada
  • Dra. Adriana Benchimol: ophthalmologist with postgraduate studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Dra. Liana Benchimol: oftalmologista com pós- graduação na Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • Dr. Luciano Galhardo de Barros: ophthalmologist with a postgraduate degree in geriatrics and low vision and Medical Director of the Clinic
  • Dr. Amir Zisman: ophthalmologist with glaucoma graduate, UFRJ, chief of glaucoma fellow at Gundersen Clinic (USA)
  • Dra. Amélia Souza: ophthalmologist with residence at the Institute Benjamin Constant, ophthalmologist team IASERJ of 09/05/1994 to 26/05/1995
  • Dr. Eduardo Martinez: ophthalmologist specializing in the State Hospital of servers, sub-sector expertise anterior segment
  • Dr. Paulo Heráclito: ophthalmologist specializing in ocular plastic, Institute Fellow Ivo Pitangui.
  • Dr. Victor Roisman: ophthalmologist with UFRJ graduate, specializing in cornea at the USP Hospital and Clinics
  • Dr. João Sawao Ando: ophthalmologist with postgraduate studies at the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology, specializing in refractive surgery
  • Dra. Francine Hauck: ophthalmologist with a degree from the Fluminense Federal University and a post-graduate degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro